Pristine Pench


Pench is a perfect spot to stroll down the memory lanes of days you were the age of your kids, and of the renowned story ‘The Jungle Book’.

Pench is the place where the artistic virtuoso, Sir Rudyard Kipling came up with the ageless exemplary, The Jungle Book and its wolf child, Mowgli. This amazing book was roused by a true episode of a human kid, raised by wolves in the 19th century, in Seonee locale, is situated in the beguiling, lavish land of Pench, in Madhya Pradesh.

Pench is undoubtedly a place where there is wonderful splendor. Varied fauna and flora adds charm to the staggering wildernesses of this place in the heart of India. Tigers, Indian panther, sloth bear, a few varieties of spotted deers, nilgais, sambhar, chinkara and so on, wild pooches, gaurs and not to overlook Kipling’s assenting family for Mowgli – the wolves. Pench is an idyllic land for bird watching, bragging more than 210 types of bird, including beautiful migratory-feathered creatures.

It isn’t a surprise that Sir Kipling was beguiled by the streams and rivulets – most of them springing from the River Pench, the lofty Satpura range, a land mass covered by the towering teak and dry deciduous forests.

Along with rich flora and fauna,  there are truck full of things to do:

  • Runi Jhuni Walking Trail:

Encountering nature on foot is an uncommon experience altogether. Runi Jhuni walking trail inside the Pench National Park, from Karmajhiri door, is a 3-4 kms nature trail that gives the visitors an ideal chance to encounter nature and wilderness from close quarters.

  • Rukhad Cycling Excursion:

This cycling journey from Rukhad sanctuary that is arranged in the buffer zone of Pench National reserve, is a magnificent expedition of spotting untamed life in the midst of picturesque beauty. Generally Rukhad was one of the most famous timberlands for locating wild creatures. Being a piece of the popular Kanha-Pench Tiger Corridor, Rukhad, however not a national park, despite everything bolsters superb teak and bamboo woods and a decent populace of gaurs, tigers, panthers, bears and related herbivores. As per the most recent registration the tiger populace in Rukhad is at twelve.

  • Tribal Bazaar and Haat:

The place also lets you enjoy a guided tour, or a comfortable walk, or bike ride to the nearby towns and weekly haats (bazaars). You can have your fill of indigenous products and crafts of the region and more likely than not, get invited to visit a villager’s home to share a cup of tea.

  • Sitaghat

This spot is winding path that is near the bank of waterway Pench, dotted with rocks and masterful looking trees. During summer season, white blossoms and shrubs lope from the beginning with bank. The spot likewise seems, by all accounts, to be a stunning spot for untamed life touring.

  • Chhindimatta Road

Traveling over rough hills, it is considered as spot of interest for the tremendous Pench reservoir. The rough cliffs make enormous spots for panthers. Different species like Eagles, Buzzards, and birds of prey are watched approaching over their homes.


Pench National Park

Situated in the southern spans of the Satpura range, divided by Pench river into almost two equivalent parts. In the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park is located in the district of Seoni and Chhindwara. Pench National Park, with its majestic tigers and various other animals and winged creatures, will bring back the rush you used to have, when watching Mowgli fight Sher Khan.

Spreads over a gigantic region of 758 sq km, Pench National Park has a rich wilderness which proffers visitors a chance to enjoy into one of the best natural life encounters in India. The park is divided into seven zones namely-

  1. Touria
  2. Karmazhiri
  3. Khursapar
  4. Sillari
  5. Rukhad
  6. Jamtara
  7. Teliya

Since its commencement in 1965 as a wildlife sanctuary, the park has filling in as the comfortable home of various wild animals including the Royal Bengal tiger, jackal, peafowl, wild canine, wild hog, sloth bear, Indian panther, fox, striped hyena, monkey, gaur, yapping deer, four-horned gazelle, Indian wolf, and all the more such exciting species. However, later in the year 1975 and 1992, the sanctuary got the recognition of tiger reserve and national park, respectively.

Loaded down with rough trails, lush hills, glimmering rivers, and spouting streams, the park draws in enormous groups of visitors each year, and is a nature darling’s most extravagant fantasy! The scintillating, rich woods encourage more than 300 varied types of flora and fauna, something no other spot in India can flaunt! There are also flocks of resident and migratory birds that live here.

The swaying trees and murmuring streams are a musical blend, lulling the senses of all those who come here. With no shortage of extravagance resorts, houses and hotels that line the insides of the park, an ideal blend of solace and wild is sure to enhance your excursion. There are endless stimulating exercises that you can pine for at this national park. Along with this, there are 10 towns in and around the national park out of which one is inside the park named Fulzari and other nine on the fringe.

The park is honored with rich and verdant timberlands, spread all through the region of the National Park. Southern dry broadleaf teak woodlands are there, which mix with tropical blended deciduous timberlands. The greenery in Pench incorporates various types of bushes, climbers and tress.

The climate of this area is tropical with sweltering summers and cold winters. Monsoon touches the region toward the beginning of July and stay there for the following two months. Winters are mostly comfortable however it is exceptionally hard to see any selective wild life during this season. The best time and an ideal opportunity to visit this park is summer as almost all the animals come out of their natural habitats in search for water, providing a good views of the denizens of park.

Travelling to Pench National Park is just incomplete without knowing the intriguing facts that this place treasures. Without a doubt, this place is a heaven for nature darlings but it is also that place which interests explorers.


Safari Timings – :


Park Safari Timing 1st July – 30th November 1st December 28th/ 29th February 1st March 30th April
Morning Shift 06:00 AM to 08:00 AM 06:30 AM to 8:30 AM 06:00 AM to 08:00 AM
Afternoon Shift 14:30 Hrs to 16:30 Hrs 14:20 Hrs to 16:00 Hrs 14:30 Hrs to 16:30 Hrs


How to Reach Pench National Park :

The Pench National park and Tiger Reserve is one of the most easily reachable wildlife parks in India. Located in the southern borders of Madhya Pradesh and the borders of Maharashtra, this wildlife park is visited by a large number of tourists and wildlife enthusiasts throughout the year.


By Air

The Sonegaon airport in Nagpur is 93 kms from the Pench National park. There are regular flights connecting Nagpur to all other major cities in India.

By Rail

The Seoni Railway Station is about 30 kms from the Pench National Park. It is the nearest railhead to Pench and has regular trains running in and out, connecting the place to Mumbai and other places.

By Road

Buses and jeeps can be taken to the Pench National Park from the bus stand which is at Seoni.. Seoni is linked to all places in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra by a good network of Roadways. Pench on the Nagpur- Jabalpur highway is accessible by local transport options such as taxis. If you plan to take the bus from Nagpur, you will have to get down at Suktara or Khwasa.

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